Online game for the Young and Old: "The 7 adventures of Rostam"

Raksch fights the lion, part of the online game:
"The 7 adventures of Rostam"

"When we activated our book mark stories on the internet,
we came across the game. The kids were thrilled and got
excited with Rostam until the happy ending!"

The online game "The 7 adventures of Rostam" tells the heroic story from the Persian "Book of Kings" Schahname and involves the players: You can help Rostam to survive many adventures in the land of wizards and demons to find marks in the sand to finally find the desired spring of water or piece together a rope, with which you can catch an evil witch. Together with their parents or on their own kids will interactively experience the miniatures from the exhibition and discover many exciting details.

In combination with special book marks, with whose help you can collect a total of 17 stories from the Schahname epic to listen to on the internet, the online game is part of the multimedia section of the colorful accompanying program of the exhibition.