Heroic Times. A thousand years of the Persian Book of Kings

Sa 19. March 2011 -
Su 03. Juli 2011

Museum für Islamische Kunst

Hero Sam takes back his son Zal from the Mountain Alborz. Tabriz, around 1530
© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Museum für Islamische Kunst, Photo: I. Geske

With its over 50.000 verses the "Schahname" - the persian "Book of Kings - belongs to the biggest epics of world literature. The exhibition in the Museum of Islamic Art (Museum Pergamon) provides all-round insights in the world of the great kings and brave heroes and spells out the central role that this work plays in the Persian national consciousness until today.

The exhibition offers a lot interesting: So an installation of figurines with close to life-sized figurines from the "Schahname" introduces the visitor to the mythical world of Persia as well as that of theatre. A silhouette film of timeless beauty with delicate figurines and imaginative decors complements the literary theme. Whoever wants to get to know stories from the "Schahname" can collect fascinating material at six media terminals to listen to at home on your computer. A little computer game "The seven adventures of Rostam" provides a fun time for the whole family and rounds out the multifaceted offering.

A colourful program, hosted by the department of visitor services of the National Museums in Berlin accompanies the unique exhibition. With performances, guided tours and work shops for children and adults, chants, traditional dance, an opera, fairy tales or an interactive museum rallye: The comprehensive program has something to offer for everyone. Upbeat will be the family celebration in front of the impressive façade of the desert castle "Mschatta".

The exhibition and the accompanying program were made possible through the generous support of: