Accompanying Media

The exhibition is amended by accompanying media. They offer interesting insights and round out the topic.

Figurine installation:
Afrasiab, Demon and Rostam

Piece from the Silhouette film:
"The Adventures of Prince Achmed"

Collect stories from a stela

Figurine installation: 1000 years, 100 shadows, 10 figurines
In the exhibition the visitor is surprised by life-sized figurines from the Schahname, that take him into the mythical world of Persia. Students from the master program Stage Design/Scenic Space at the Technische Universität (Technical University) revived seven characters from the Schahname: Rostam the famous main hero, Rostam's son Sohrab, Rostam's wife Tahmine, Rostam's horse Rakhsch, the turanian King Afrasiab, the wonder bird Simorgh and demons. They additionally appear - following the oriental model - as shadows on a wall and form a wonderful setting. Hand-crafted costumes complete parts of the figurines. They were fabricated by students and with friendly support of the Kubus gGmbH. The special thing: The garments can be used as costumes within theatrical educational tours and workshops.

Silhouette Film
In the same way the animated feature film "The Adventures of Prince Achmed" by Charlotte Reiniger takes the spectator of present and past into the marvellous world of the orient with its delicate figurines and imaginative decors. A timelessly beautiful film with motives from the fairy tales of 1001 Nights, developed in hand-crafted nearly 100.000 single frames. Here cinematic ambition and great technical skill present an excellent union. The film runs throughout the entire time of the exhibition. Duration: 66 min © Agentur für Primrose Film Production, Munich

Stories from the "Schahname" for your home
At a total of six media stations visitors can collect many exciting stories from the "Schahname" with a special book mark. An attractive offer für young and old - spoken by professional speakers - to take home and listen to unhurriedly on the website under the section stories. To log into the website the code number of the book mark, available in the exhibition, must be entered. This media installation was developed with the research group INKA in cooperation with the projects "IMPACT" and "POSEIDON" at the HTW Berlin, both aided by the EU.