Kings and Emperors

Legendary are the destinies of kings and heroes. Their great bravery, their sensational deeds as well as their vociferous words lend them special importance. Besides the kings portrayed in the respective myths, the mythical hero Rostam is the most famous figure. Lion-like, vested in a tiger fur, he defends - in many battles - the borders of ancient Iran against its enemies, especially against the hostile Turans in the north. Together with his wonder horse Rakhsch he stands his ground in seven adventures and saves his kings from awkward situations.

Similar to the knights in European medieval times, the Iranian heroes represent moral concepts: loyality, defence of evil and acquittal for the righteous lord belong to their basic virtues. The heroic achievements of the warriors and kings, their wise thinking, but also their insufficiencies and failures make the epic an important prince mirror, whose moral consequence served as model for numerous generations of emperors. The encounter of death and the insight in the transience of life belong to the essence of the poetry.